Oral Surgery

Basic Extractions

Examples of basic extractions include wolf tooth removal or retained cap (deciduous or baby tooth) removal.

Advanced Extractions

A horse may need a tooth extracted for many reasons, including severe decay, advanced periodontal disease, or fracture.

Most of our advanced extractions are performed in a clinical setting for patient safety and comfort. In addition to standard extraction techniques, we are trained in partial coronectomy, tooth sectioning, and trans-buccal approach. These techniques allow us to extract severely decayed or fractured teeth in the sedated, standing patient.

Sinus Surgery

With some dental problems, the sinus may also be involved. Radiography and endoscopy are used to further diagnose the problem.

Treatment therapies can include: sinus lavage, antibiotics, and/or exploratory sinus surgery.

Planning Your Visit To Our Clinic

Here’s what to expect when your horse is scheduled to visit our clinic for Oral Surgery:

  • Horses coming in for any surgery will spend a minimum of one night for post­-procedure monitoring.
    • If your horse needs to stay longer, our doctors will communicate with you and determine the best post-­surgery treatment plan.
  • During the surgical procedure, feel free to use our Client Waiting Area equipped with WiFi, coffee station and USB charging.

Please note: Clients are not allowed to be present in the treatment area during the surgical procedure.

Please keep in mind:

  • Due to the nature of the surgical procedures we perform, we cannot guarantee a specific procedure time or length of procedure.
  • Daily procedure order is determined according to the different needs of the patients that surgery day and is subject to change.

Your horse’s stay will be comfortable with…

  • A matted stall, bedded with low­-dust pine shavings.
  • Quality grass hay
  • Purina Outlast, Purina Equine Senior, or Equine Senior Active available.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact us with any questions or comments you have regarding our Oral Surgery policies.

Request an equine appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with Midwest Veterinary Dental Services, please visit the request page and fill out the form so we may have your information for scheduling purposes. We usually book out 4-6 weeks for appointments.

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